“AWAKE” is a concept album. In an age where people are releasing solo tracks, I’ve gone against the grain and gone right back to my roots to the 60s and 70s rock kind of concept albums and progressive rock, and made something for me really that I am absolutely passionate about. It seems to be translating to other people and the tagline is in a nutshell, “ It’s a journey to discover truth, meaning and love in a world that’s gone crazy.” So that should tell you quite a lot about it. It’s about these last 18 months. It’s about my observations and my thoughts and my feelings and my creative response to what I’ve been thinking about. It’s also about looking at my life‘s journey. I think one thing that’s happened over the last year is I don’t think there is a single person on this planet that hasn’t at some point just questioned what their life is about, and where their life is going, because everything was thrown in the air in a way that there was no certainty or no future that you could plan on.” Read the full interview here!

Route 66 Music & Wine


On July 2nd 2021, London Based Music Artist Tony Moore Releases His Own Highly Original Version Of The Iconic Rock And Roll Classic “Route 66”.

London, UK. (June 15th 2021) – British singer/songwriter Tony Moore, releases a brand new version of the “rock and roll” classic ROUTE 66 on July 2nd. This updated imagining of the1946 original, blends a highly contemporary rock arrangement with the existing feel and spirit of the song, all delivered by Tony’s unique voice.

Moore says “Many people around the world already know this legendary song, so I wanted to bring something different with my version in the recording and performance to give ROUTE 66 a modern edge whilst retaining all the original DNA of the song that has made it such an everlasting classic”.

Tony, who was awarded the much coveted GOLD BADGE for services to music in the UK, is an artist with a long and eclectic career in the entertainment world. He started his career playing in an early line up of Iron Maiden before leaving to work with many bands including joining Cutting Crew ( I Just Died In Your Arms) as keyboard player in the 80’s.

Over the last decade Tony has continued to write, record and release music whilst also championing new music and emerging artists by creating stages for acts to be seen and heard at their very best. Among the thousands of performers that he has supported early on in their career are Ed Sheeran, James Bay, James Morrison, KT Tunstall, Jorja Smith and and Jack Savoretti.

In 2019 Tony fulfilled a lifelong dream and began a collaboration with highly acclaimed Italian Winery Torti l’eleganza del vino to produce a signature label collection of wine with an exclusive license to use the brand “ROUTE 66 by Tony Moore”. So, having played the song countless times live in his career, now seemed like the perfect time to record and release it at the same time as the world was getting to hear about his wine.

TORTI L’eleganza del vino is a multi award winning winery in Italy that has been in the same family for over 110 years. All the grapes are entirely harvested by hand and their wines, the Barbera, Pinot Nero Vinified in white and Pinot Nero aged in Barriques, have received many awards.

The “Route 66 by Tony Moore” collection is an ongoing collaboration between Tony Moore and the Torti Family to produce wines that channel a rock and roll heart, with label designs based on Tony’s stage clothes conveying a sense of individuality and freedom of spirit.

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