Actor, Presenter, Radio, and Voice Over Links

Below are two showreels. The first is my acting reel, and the second one is my TV presenting reel.

Voice Over Demo Showreel

Voice Characteristics: RP, Neutral, West Country

Comfortable, Reassuring, Trustworthy, Gentle, Informed, Friendly, Inviting, Familiar, Educated, Humorous, Likeable, Helpful, Enthusiastic, Light. To listen click this link.


For more IMBD film info; click this link.

RIGHT HERE! With Tony Moore

Join me every SUNDAY night at 8:00 pm UK time here for live music, chat and much more MOORE.

Tony Moore’s Musical Emporium

Join me for my seventh year hosting Tony Moore’s Musical Emporium on Soho Radio, Culture Channel on Saturday from 12:00 – 2:00 pm.