On Feb 1st 2021, Singer/Songwriter Tony Moore uploaded a live video performance of a new song he had just finished. It was called AWAKE, it lasted 9 mins, it had a lot of guitar solos, A LOT of guitar solos and the main vocal didn’t even come in till after 4 mins!

However, within days, the feedback was incredibly positive as thousands of views racked up alongside a growing list of enthusiastic and complimentary comments. Having broken all the ‘pop’ rules to create a musical work that now seemed to capture people’s imagination, Tony was struck by a thunderbolt of a thought. Could this be the opening track of a concept album…yet to be written ? Thus, in that moment, the idea was born and Tony immediately set to work.

The subject matter? Well, the year we had all just experienced. The many things he had witnessed, experienced and thought about. The dark drama mixed with the surreal madness of a world locked down merged with the many emotionally introspective thoughts about his life’s journey to that point. Things that many millions of people will have all thought, felt and experienced in their own ways. Awake, the album, was created chronologically with Tony recording each track as it was written. The songs built a picture of events as seen through his eyes at different times through the 12 months leading to this point. Tony knew that he wanted the album to invoke as many emotional responses from those that heard it as possible, so he allowed himself to be completely vulnerable about welcoming streams of consciousness and musical inspiration to dictate the mood of each song.

The only goal he set was to have everything finished by the end of March. Deadlines force a very strict work ethic and so began an obsessive two months of writing and recording that resulted in 15 brand new songs which uniquely reflected the spirit of the times we are in. It didn’t stop there, Tony also had a vision for AWAKE to be a very special live show that would stimulate audience’s senses with an audio/visual experience that allowed the music to really make a difference to those that came to a performance. On May 18th 2021, the show made its live debut at The Bedford in Balham, London to a packed house and a standing ovation. Despite the fact that the album isn’t even released, and no one knew the songs yet, everyone was captivated and felt the power of the music touch them.

“This is an ambitious piece of work…A prog Rock Gem….”

Jonathan L – Lopsided World of L

‘Great return to live music at The Bedford with Tony Moore previewing his superb new double album “Awake” in its entirety. Written and recorded earlier this year, the songs are a brilliant reflection of life under lockdown, with Tony on superb vocal form as well as playing lead guitar on stage for the first time, eat your heart out David Gilmour.

David Stark – Songlink International Magazine

“A truly fantastic night in great company with superb music from THE AWAKE SHOW – nothing short of Spectacular”

Pete Edwards

Awake is a gentle reminder that we don’t need alarm bells to open our eyes to a new abnormal. Eyes wide shut for over a year, and Tony Moore has fully encapsulated our desire to be human. To be free, to love and be loved and to sleep without fear of waking. Deep breath… Open your eyes. You are back in the room.

Spyros Melaris – Film Maker & Magician

“I feel deeply honored, happy, and delighted for my artworks being part of the amazing AWAKE collective.”

Fractal Art Credit: Teja Krašek